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About Fishace

Fishace Ecological Engineering is a wholly South Australian owned company (ACN: 136 678 549) and has been internet ready since 1995.

This web site is dedicated to the promotion of applied sustainability - where nature and human ingenuity meet; and where ecological engineering begins :-

Eco-engineering is an emerging field for the evolutionary design of low carbon technologies - thinking ‘outside the square’ - merging nature and mechanics.

Fishace undertakes international due diligence, risk assessments, sustainability masterplanning and technical feasibility reports and has access to a virtual network of environmental professionals.

For further inquiries or quotes send an email to Principal Environmental Engineer and Ecological Engineer - Stephen Bedford Clark. He has undertaken consultancy assignments in Australia, China, Germany, India, Myanmar, Spain, Thailand, United Kingdom and the USA.

For services and a brochure (click the links below):

Aquaculture/Mariculture design
Aquatic Ecology
Carbon Reduction
Ecological Engineering
Environmental Education
Environmental Mining Approvals and Monitoring
Integrated Waste Resource Management
The Sustainable Home
Sustainability Lifestyle Training

Fishace associates:

- web site design by David Clark; he is an Information Technology Technician studying environmental management. David redesigned this website integrating an interface between new and archive material.

- business development, administration services by Louise Jackson; sustainability in management systems, carbon assessments, remote homeworking management and recruitment.

- information eco technologies are managed by Jacob Emans; research, design and commissioning of household biogas digesters, lifestyle analysis and applied sustainability.

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