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Darke Peak Algae Biofuels Project

Darke Peak is a regional township located in Central Eyre Peninsula, South Australia, some 500kms to the West of Adelaide.

This low-carbon project utilises low cost, simple earthern pond systems with highly technological - LED Algae Photo-Bioreactors, Oloid pond mixing nanotechnology with simple harvesting and biofuel processing techniques, to achieve a low cost, quality algal biofuel.

The project considers research, innovation, proof of concept and early commercialisation on a one hectare working model of algal ponds.We will reuse supplies of grain wastes, culturing local saline algae species and utilising cost effective, biologically degraded land and saline groundwater.

The production process uses clay and bentonite lined ponds connected by piping and fed by gravity, thus reducing water pumping costs on the site. Pond One receives the solar pumped saline groundwater to a settling pond. From here it travels to the second pond where fish have been stocked to produce a salable seafood by-product, with the fish emulsion circulating as an algal nutrient feedstock to the next intensive culture zone.

For more information - Algae Industry Magazine Article

The Algae is cultured as a raw product for health foods, pharmaceuticals, fertilisers, agricultural feedstock and more recently the production of biofuels. It is also very effective in carbon biosequestration.

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