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The definition of aquaculture is the farming of freshwater and saltwater organisms for food and other valued added products. This can be achieved in freshwater, brackish and marine environments, the latter being termed as Mariculture.

Aquaculture products are consumed as a healthy, human protein and Omega3 resource, agricultural fertilisers, soil composts and for ornamental purposes. Nearly half of the world's total fisheries products are now being produced by commercial aquaculture.

In today's low carbon environment, the integration of nutrient flows within a productive aquaculture cycle opens opportunities for the reuse of finfish wastes to produce value added products such as algal products.

Fishace specialises in the development of aquaculture projects and specialises in large scale finfish hatcheries, undertaking species marketing, business planning and feasibility studies through to commissioning, implementation and training of personnel.

We use organic and sustainable methods of semi-intensive and intensive aquaculture combining 20 years of international experience with the latest eco-technologies and experience in sea cage technology in Australian and Asian countries.

In today's challenging food product market, fish meat is recognised as an important future protein, Fishace promotes sustainable aquaculture to feed the world and welcomes inquiries to achieve that goal.

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