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8.0 Conclusions

Past (1993-1996)

The Sustainable Fish Farm at The Earth Centre was a unique project that scrutinised, researched and operated a field based centre in the search for best practise in the methodology, design and construction of pond based aquaculture.

Further breakthroughs where made in the following areas:

* Use of sustainable construction materials

* Ecological wastewater treatment

* Ecological control of fish diseases

By compiling this comprehensive history of the three years of activity it will be hoped that outcomes and lessons learnt, will act as a focus for yet more research and dissemination of information concerning this topic.
The success of the project was driven about by insight, faith, commitment and community / sponsorship activities.
Finally, one must not forget the myriad of contributors from the local area, from schools and universities, sponsorship from businesses and to The Earth Centre whom made this project such a success.

Present (1997)

Retrospectively, the first phase of the project became a living, demonstration model of the potential of the proposed sustainable educational theme park.

Earth Centre Ltd are presently developing a phased construction of a new theme park which will broadly cover general issues concerning Sustainable Development, with a £38 million pound financial package.
Although, there are no plans for a current aquaculture project, there will be provided a replacement ' Nature Discovery Centre' which will build on various aspects of the natural environment presently on the site and more specifically to educational elements concerning freshwater ecology and food chains.

Future (1998)

The Earth Centre is a continuous sustained development with 160 hectares of land available for demonstration environment initiatives.

Proposals are being made to develop the 'Circle Tip' (building on the existing wetland ponds) into a second generation freshwater fish farm practising integrated methods of the Asian 'five carp' system. This system contributed to a one million metric tonne increase to World Aquaculture food production in 1995 and utilises efficient recycling of available water borne nutrients and energy sources.

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