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11.0 Contributors


Bedwell, Maggie
Briggs, Angie
Brooker, Phil
Brookes, John
Burgess, Dr.Peter
Clark, David
Clark, John Bedford
Cohen, Prof. Jack
Dave the Cave
Davies, Mike
Disley, Alastair
Docherty, Sean
Duty, Sid
Fletcher, Steve
French, Leanne
Hull International Fisheries Institute
James, Ian
Letts, Matthew
McGlade, Prof. Jackie
Midlen, Alex
Matt from New Zealand
Mitsakas, Theo
Moran, Paddy
Mowlem Construction trainees
Murray, Simon
Olive, Neville
Redding, Dr. Theresa
Robinson, Susanna
Roper, Matt
Sheffield Hallam University
Silk, Bill
Smales, Jonathan
Swinton Comprehensive School
Todd, Simon
Twigg, Dave
The kids of Conisbrough, Denaby Main & Mexborough
White, Chris
Wild, Dr.Mike
Yorkshire Television 'Action Time' volunteers
Womack, Dianne & Dennis
Woods, Emma


Aaron White (Excavation / subsoil / hardcore)
Abbseal (Double glazing)
ABG Ltd. (Drainage geotextile matting & seeds)
AMPS Scaffolding (Scaffolding)
Aquapipe (Recycled plastic drainage pipe)
Bass & Co. (Refreshments)
Beazer Homes (Hatchery structural timber)
Biffa Waste Services (Transport of reeds to site)
B.M. Stainless Steel Drains (Stainless steel drains)
B.R.C. (Hatchery concrete reinforcement)
British Visqueen (Reed plant liner for holding beds)
British Telecom (Telegraph poles)
B.T.C.V Countryside Unit (Pond plants / tree planting / management plan)
B & Q Doncaster (Daffodil bulbs)
British Coal (Water pump / structural steelwork / timber)
Burden, W.T. (Donation)
Cannon (Photocopier & fax)
CITE Systems (Hatchery electrical labour)
Costain Construction (Lighting units / Glass for aquariums)
Cooplands (Bread)
Cyril Issacs Glazing (Hatchery glazing services)
Dale Farm Diaries (Milk)
D.M.B.C Metro Catering (Catering equipment)
Eric Martindale Design (Reed Bed interpretation material design)
Eternit (Hatchery roof cladding)
Heath & Smith (Refreshments)
Honeysuckle PR (Reed Bed interpretation material design)
IBCO (Lorry transport)
I.F.S (Various fixings)
John Brooks Brickyard Farm (Organic foodstuffs)
John Ducon (Computer database services)
Johnsons (Trees)
Kingspan (Hatchery underfloor insulation / Thermafoil)
Kirk Hall & Co. (Marquee hire)
Loates Bros. (Excavation of reed plants)
Marshalls Clay Products (Hatchery clay brick flooring)
Midland Butyl (Butyl liner installation)
M & P Sellars (Organic foodstuffs)
Nationwide Joinery (Hatchery joinery services)
Occasions (Catering equipment)
O'Hanlon's Butchers (Foodstuffs)
Pasuda (Hatchery internal portacabins)
Permacrib (Hatchery crib walls)
Peter Gleadhall (Hatchery electrical labour)
Pilkingtons (Hatchery roof glass)
Progressive safety (Safety helmets)
R & B Electrical (Hatchery electrical equipment & services)
Real Meat Company (Organic sausages)
Redland Aggregates (Aggregates)
Ringtons (Tea & coffee)
R.J.Budge (Subsoils)
Robsons Power Tools (Power tools)
Ron Hull (Topsoil / hardcore)
Scunthorpe Internal Drainage Board (Reed plants)
S.L.D. Pumps (Pump equipment)
Skipper skips (Skip hire)
St.Vincent Plant Hire (Wheelbarrows & assorted hand tools)
Suma Wholefoods (Organic foodstuffs)
Tetra (Water quality tests, fish feed)
Trisco Bauder (Hatchery roof header tank)
Turner Hire & Sales (Electrical generator)
Vibroplant (Concrete machinery plant hire)
Viscum Water Gardens (Ornamental fish)
Volclay (Drain lining material)
Warsop Metrix (Small plant hire)
W.H. Smith (Stationery)
White Cross (Rubber Butyl rubber liner)
Wm. Younger & Co. (Refreshments)

and finally our great thanks and support from the:

*European Union ERDF Fund

* UK National Rivers Authority now known as the
UK Environment Agency

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