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Ecohome is based on ecological design principles:

1. Local building materials and life cycle analysis

2. Local environmental conditions
(temperatures, wind speed, sunlight, rainfall etc...)

3. Sustainability assessments for the dwelling and the
person/s, animal/s and visitor/s living in the home

4. Design of human and animal nutrient (solid & liquid)
recovery streams

5. Design of carbon capture equipment for energy
production and on-site recycling


Designed to be sited on a 1000m3 residential block, the low carbon emission home is constructed with materials such as straw bale (insulation), stone filled gabions for structural support and an internal finish of rammed earth walls.

A post and beam frame supports a glass atrium roof (for solar gain) incorporated with solar photovoltaic panels for the supply of electricity.

A wood stove oven and biogas supplied rings for cooking with exhaust gases treated by an Algae Photobioreactor.

Solar thermal for heating and an internal swimming pool acting as a heat sink and natural air conditioner in summer months.

A site based biogas digester treating human and other solid wastes returning a rich inert bacteria free composting medium.

All water will be collected from the roof and pathways and returned for irrigation to the gardens.

Vegetables and native flowers will be grown in the garden.

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