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Stephen Bedford Clark

Sustainability Articles

Sustainability in the workplace - 1 December 2008

Feeding yourself - The concept of a zero-emissions home - 4 August 2008

Algae Photo Bioreactors (APB`s) - 21 August 2007

Aquaculture & Freshwater Ecology Publications

World Fisheries Decline Brings Hope for World Oceans Day - 8 June 2005

Sustainable Organic Aquaculture - 9 May 2005

New crop may revive a Spanish Fish farm
Fish Farming International. September 1993. pp.43

Ornamental fish can be money earners
Fish Farming International. September 1993. pp.42

Water works well
The Business. September 1993

Proposed culture of the Freshwater Fish Snakeheads (Family: Channidae) within the European Community
Proceedings World Aquaculture Congress, Spain. 26-28 May 1993

The Balancing Act
Practical Fishkeeping. July 1993. pp. 66,67

The Real Dwarf Gourami
Aquarist & Pondkeeper. April 1993. pp. 8,10

Diagnosing Disease
Practical Fishkeeping. April 1993. pp.18,19

The Fish of Paradise - Part II
Freshwater and Marine Aquarium. September.1992. pp. 27-30

The Fish of Paradise - Part I
Freshwater and Marine Aquarium. August.1992. pp. 73,74,78

Coldwater Channa - A challenge worth considering
Fish Farmer. May/June 1992. pp.46

Snakeheads - Part 3
Aquarist & Pondkeeper. May 1992. pp.33-35

Its better for a Betta
Wild about Animals. March 1992. pp.4

Snakeheads- Part 2
Aquarist & Pondkeeper. February 1992. pp.94,95

India - In search of the Mud Murrel - Part 3
Aquarist & Pondkeeper. February 1991. pp.22-24

India - The ‘other’ Anabas and the Murrel from Dukhum - Part 2
Aquarist & Pondkeeper. January 1991. pp.54-56

India - Bangalore and Madras - Part 1
Aquarist & Pondkeeper. December 1990. pp.82-84

Wild Fighters
Aquarist & Pondkeeper. September 1990. pp. 70-72

Back to Nature (A personal view)
Aquarist & Pondkeeper. June 1990. pp.98,99

The one-spotted Betta and friends
Aquarist & Pondkeeper. November 1989. pp.46,47

Croakers, Sparklers and Pygmies
Aquarist & Pondkeeper. August 1989. pp.77,78

The Neon Betta
Aquarist & Pondkeeper. April 1989. pp.85

A Comprehensive Guide to the Genus Anabas
Freshwater and Marine Aquarium. September 1988. pp. 16,17,19

Edith’s Fighting Fish
Aquarist & Pondkeeper. September.1988. pp.55,56

Snakehead Snippets
Practical Fishkeeping. September.1987. pp.46,47

Plain Speaking
Practical Fishkeeping. June 1987. pp.68,69

The Fighting Fish
Aquarist & Pondkeeper. May 1987. pp.38,39,42

In Training
Practical Fishkeeping. April 1987. pp.22,23

Towards a better Betta
Practical Fishkeeping. March 1987. pp.38,39

Betta ways with fighters
Practical Fishkeeping. January 1987. pp.24,25

The Rarity and the Isopod
Practical Fishkeeping. October 1986. pp.24 , 25

Betta bellica
Aquarist & Pondkeeper. June 1986. pp.17,18

An Intriguing Mouthbrooding Betta
Aquarist & Pondkeeper. February 1986. pp.32,33

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