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Sustainability is:

"a direction for humankind to protect and enhance our natural world for future generations"

- a thought process and state of mind
- merges traditional ways with high technology
- an essential lifestyle skill promoted via popular education
- enables all species and Homo sapiens to thrive and grow
- the integration of resources and waste management
- efficient environmental, social and financial profitability in food chain production
- reducing environmental pollution and de-contaminating ourselves
- managing our burgeoning world population
- decentralising our energy and transport services
- transition planning and methodologies for a low carbon economy
- streamline bureaucracy and outdated procedures
- advocating simple thinking in our complex world
- respect all species on our planet, not just the cute fluffy ones
- localism and locally produced products and services
- reuse, reuse, reuse
- reducing consumer options and choice
- efficient use of non-renewable resources
- operating integrated farming systems
- capturing, designing and 'locking-in' carbon products
- home working and local household self-efficiencies
- producing local renewable biofuels made from non-GM native species biomass

Sustainability in the workplace?

- is the company promoting sustainable homeworking opportunities in the corporate workplace?
- how much corporate administrative red-tape is weighing down profits and resources?
- can you afford to maintain a permanent office footprint and resulting future carbon taxes?
- is your industry embedding integrated sustainability management into future product development?
- do you have efficient waste management practices to reuse valuable natural resources?
- does the office have a sustainability awareness employee programme?

More information ?
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