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Solar Thermal Energy

This is a solution to utilise available sunlight with large amounts of highly saline groundwater.

Solar ponds are on average 3m in depth and due to evaporation, the saline water concentrates, with stratification being achieved by reducing wind shear on the surface of the pond. The heat is transfered to lower levels, where it attains a temperature between 80-90C.

Very hot water is generated by placing enclosed pipes on the internal pond base and transfering and exchanging heat through via solar pumps. Renewable energy is generated by a rankine cycle engine or by creating steam for conventional energy conversion.

As the pond water evaporates, it will leave behind a high strength brine. This can be recovered as high grade salt products and used for algae (biofuels), fish and artemia culture.

China is the world leader in the deployment of solar hot water with 100 km² installed as of 2006 and a long term goal of 300 km² by 2020.

Solar thermal energy is well known as a purveyor of hot water for domestic purposes.

This proven concept can be scaled to any size and to most industry applications.

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