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Constructed Wetlands and Reedbeds

Constructed wetlands and engineered Reedbeds are a natural way of cleaning water for reuse, to achieve a cost effective way to treat wastewater in a carbon efficient and sustainable manner.

The purifying powers of nature's wetlands are currently operating in hundreds of communities in many countries around the world. These natural engineered systems utilise wetland plants, soils and their associated micro-organisms to remove contaminants and restore water to its natural purity.

Marshes, ponds and bogs are just a few of the periodically saturated natural environments classified as "wetlands". While they vary greatly in appearance and habitat, all are places where nutrient rich runoff freely collects and undergoes nature's purification. Constructed wetlands also assume varied shapes and forms. Designs are site specific to local environmental conditions and habitats.

There are several different types of systems:

    * Fully Aquatic System (or "Engineered Pond" system)
    * Free Water Surface Wetlands ("Engineered Surface Flow Reedbeds")
    * Vegetated Submerged Bed Wetlands ("Engineered Sub Surface Flow Reedbeds")
    * Overland Flow Natural Form Wetlands Systems ("Engineered Constructed Wetlands")

Examples of applications would suggest:

    * For local government authorities
    - the opportunity to reduce costs by treating stormwater run-off to reuse for irrigation purposes
    * For large and small scale industries
    - to ecologically recycle industrial wastewater, reduce energy/water operating costs and offset carbon credits
    * For sustainability planners
    - for use in urban and landscape design integrating water recharge into local surroundings
    * For sustainable households
    - to treat grey water and reuse for the natural environment to offset and reduce local carbon footprints
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